Free Logo Maker

I made a logo using shopify’s free Logo maker, Hatchful!

I’m head over heels over this design. There were so many to choose from but a moon-like one really tickles my weebiness.

If you’re building a brand and need something presentable as soon as possible, I can’t recommend this enough. The fonts are Google Fonts and free to use commercially, the icons are from Shopify and also free, and so are all the files and designs they provide.

You can choose the colors along from a wide choice of palettes, however in my case I did jump on Affinity Photo to change the main title’s color as I wanted something with violet. It originally was red.

Even if you aren’t working on a brand, it’s really fun to play with. This post isn’t sponsored, but I endorse this product wholeheartedly. Give it a try!

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